The Passive Voice

Цели урока:

Тренировка грамматических навыков по теме «Пассивный залог».

Закрепление лексики по теме: «Путешествие в англоговорящие страны».

Активизация навыков монологической и диалогической речи.

Совершенствование навыков перевода.

Развитие социокультурной компетенции.

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент

– Good morning.

– Glad to see you.

– Who’s absent today?

– Today we are going to speak about English-Speaking countries and your possible travelling there in future.

2. Фонетическая разминка

Let’s remember the irregular verbs now. On the screen you can see the first form. You should name the second and the third forms.

Which form do you use in the passive voice?

Who’s ready to start?











3. Речевая разминка

Look at the screen. You can see 7 pictures. You should make up sentences using the passive voice and the adverbial modifier of time. Open your copybooks please.

Film/Every evening
Toy/Last week
Homework/Every day
Pencils/Next Friday
House/In 2 months.

Примерный ответ
The book was read yesterday.
The film is watched every evening.
The room will be cleaned tomorrow.
The toy was made last week.
The homework is done every day.
The pencils will be bought next Friday.
The house will be built in 2 month.

4. Тренировка грамматических навыков по теме: «Пассивный залог»

Will you look at the screen? You have to change sentences using passive voice structures.

The usually visit Mr. Grey in the morning. (Mr. Grey is usually visited in the morning)

He will speak to his cousin tomorrow. (His cousin will be spoken to tomorrow)

They often give her apples from their garden. (The apples are often given to her from their garden)

They built a new hospital last week. (A new hospital was built last week)

He will look after his brother the day after tomorrow. (His brother will be looked after the day after tomorrow)

We don’t translate the poems at home. (The poems are not translated by us at home)

5. Совершенствование навыков аудирования и чтения, активизация перевода

Lets brush up our poem devoted to the passive voice constructions.

Firstly, we should listen to it. Secondly, you will recite it by heart.

Finally, some of you will translate it.  (Упр.72, стр 51 учебника)

6. Физкультминута

Now its time to have a rest. Let’s stand up and some morning exercises.

7. Now look at the map and name the English-speaking countries

– Which country will be visited by you in the future?

– Now I am waiting for you to describe one of these countries. (Continent, capital, population, official languages and famous people)

Other children ask questions to the speakers.

8. Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи. Вопросно-ответная работа.

Look at the screen please.

The flowers were planted last month (When)

The house was built in 1991 (What)

The TV-set was bought in the shop (Where)

Football is played all over the world because it’s a very popular game (Why)

English is spoken in the UK (What language)

The letter will be answered next week (When)

9. Now make up sentences from the words in your copybooks. The keys are on the screen.

– Discovered, in, America, was, 1492.

– In the morning, the newspaper, not, brought, is.

– Monday, written, next, the letter, will be.

– Every, 2, given, are, apples, day.

– Yesterday, photo, taken, that, was.

– Not, tomorrow, be, will, the news, told.

10. Match 2 parts of the sentences to make up well known proverbs and find their Russian equivalents.

1. Marriages are made
2. Easily earned money
3. The devil is not so black
Things done
5. Better untaught

a) cannot be undone
b) than badly taught
c) is quickly spent
d) as he is painted
e) in heaven

Браки совершаются на небесах.
Недоученный хуже неучёного.
Не так страшен черт как его малюют.
После драки кулаками не машут.
Что легко наживается, легко и проживается.

Now it’s time to finish our work. What new information have you learned today? What was interesting? Have you got any questions?

I see you are quite good at grammar. Thank you for a work.

Your marks.


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