1. Практическая:

совершенствование навыков разговорной речи;

развитие умения читать / аудировать с целью детального понимания содержания и извлечения конкретной информации.

2. Общеобразовательная:

развитие общего кругозора;

расширение знаний об истории страны изучаемого языка.

3. Развивающая:

развитие познавательной деятельности, речевой активности и слуховой памяти учащихся;

развитие способности к догадке, сравнению и обобщению;

развитие воображения, логичности и доказательности.

4. Воспитательная:

воспитание самостоятельности и толерантного отношения к мнению других людей;

формирование потребности и способности к критическому мышлению, формирование гуманного мировоззрения, умения давать оценку поступкам и событиям;

воспитание способности понимать образ жизни людей другой страны, более глубокое осознание своей культуры.

Языковой материал: продуктивная лексика из текстов для самостоятельного чтения.

Речевой материал: изученный лексический и грамматический материал предыдущих циклов.

Оснащение урока:

- интерактивная доска, компьютер;

мультимедиа проектор;

обычная магнитная доска, наглядность;

запись фильма "Храброе сердце";

раздаточный материал.

Ход урока

1. Подготовка учащихся к речевой деятельности на английском языке.

Учитель: Good-morning, dear friends! I am very glad to greet you at the lesson. History is a difficult thing, especially when you speak about it in English. Today we`ll try to discuss the past of Britain and people who made a definite contribution to the history of their country. We`ll try to look through the pages of the British history.

We`ll see the episodes from the well-known American film "Brave Heart", where the part of William Wallace, the national Scottish hero, was acted by Mel Gibson, one of the most popular actors in the world.

Фонетическая зарядка.

Учитель: Let`s repeat the words from the texts, which you have read at home. 

(to conquer – conqueror – conquest, to rebel – rebellion, reign, starvation, to invade, to bend the knee, an outlaw, to betray, to execute, to capture, to defeat, etc – отработка с учителем, в парах.)

Речевая зарядка.

Учитель: I want to see what you know about Britain and its history. Please, answer my questions.

- Do you know any British Kings?

- Were there any wars in Britain?

- Do you know any heroes who won fame for their country?

- Do you like to watch films about history?

2. Систематизация знаний по заявленной теме.

Совершенствование навыков аудирования.

Учитель читает историческую справку о прошлом Британии.

England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are known as the British Isles. Nowadays this phrase is used only in geography. In fact, people of the isles were not politically or culturally united. English Kings started wars, began to fight to unite the British Isles from the 12th century. Those wars were the wars of conquest. At that time English Kings wanted to conquer more countries. They had absolutely no interest in people of the countries. But people were very unhappy. That is why they did not want to be ruled by the English Kings and they decided to fight to make themselves and their country free.

Контроль уровня понимания содержания тематических текстов.

Учитель: So, you know that in the history of the country there were a lot of great men, a lot of Kings and different important events. Let`s repeat the names of the Kings who ruled the country.

Task №1: Can you guess the name?

- Was very careful in the way he gave land to his nobles.

- Kept the Saxon system of sheriffs.

- Organized his Kingdom according to the feudal system. (Ответ: William the Conqueror.)

- Respected as a strong king and a good soldier.

- Beat the Welsh and gave them his son to be their prince – the Prince of Wales.

- Beat the Scots in battle so many times he became known as the "Hammer of the Scots".

- Stole their coronation stone. (Ответ: Edward I.) 

- Fought against the Scots and the French, but not at the same time.

- Called himself the King of France but he wasn`t. The war with France went on for a long time, so long that the King died after reigning for 50 years. (Ответ: Edward III.) 

- Had the greatest talent of a leader.

- Owned many lands and territories. (Ответ: Henry II.) 

Task №2: What country are these words connected with? 

Список слов: William Wallace, Edward II, Henry II, Stone of Destiny, starvation, Dublin, Robert Bruce, William the Conqueror, 1169, "people`s army", Anglo-Irish lords, John de Balliol.








William Wallace

Stone of Destiny

Robert Bruce

"people`s army"

John de Balliol

Edward II


William the Conqueror

Henry II



Anglo-Irish lords

Task №3: Write if these sentences are true or false.

- All wars of conquest were started by Scotland. (false)

- Henry II went to Wales. (false)

- The Anglo-Irish lords were very rich. (true)

- Edward II conquered Wales by starvation. (true)

- The leader of the "people`s army" in Scotland was Robert Bruce. (false)

- Edward I made himself the Prince of Wales. (false)

- Alexander III was the King of Scotland. (true)

- William Wallace was an Irish chief. (false)

3. Просмотр и обсуждение отдельных сцен из фильма "Храброе сердце".

Учитель: I am going to show several episodes from the American film "Brave Heart", where the part of William Wallace was acted by Mel Gibson. This film shows the fight of the national Scottish hero, William Wallace, and his army against the English King. And then we`ll discuss some facts and questions. Please, be very attentive!

Эпизод №1. 

Учитель: You can see William Wallace. What did he look like?

Ученик: He was very tall and handsome, very strong with a noble face and a lot of long fair hair.

Учитель: How old was he at that time?

Ученик: I think he was about twenty years old when the English King came to the country.

Учитель: So you see that William Wallace was the leader of the outlaws. And what people were called outlaws? 

Ученик: Those people, who did not want to bend the knee to the English King, were called outlaws. They lived a wild free life in the woods and hills. And Wallace became their chief.

Эпизод №2. 

Учитель: Here you can see William Wallace and Marian Bradfute. What can you say about the relations of William Wallace and Marian Bradfute? What do you think about their feelings? 

Ученик: William and Marian loved each other very much. Their marriage was a secret. But Marian was killed and her house was burnt. It was a terrible blow to Wallace. He was a romantic person with her, but after her death he decided to fight and revenge for his love.

Эпизод №3. 

Учитель: You can see the episode of the fight. How does it characterize Wallace and his friends? What man did the people see in him?

Ученик: Wallace was very brave and people saw in him the man who could lead them to freedom.

Учитель: What do you know about the English King`s army and the Wallace`s army. 

Ученик: The army of the English King was better and bigger and it was well trained. There were not so many people in the army of William Wallace and besides, many of them were killed in the battles.

Учитель: Did this man behave himself like a hero or like a coward during the fight? 

Учитель: He was a brave man and a good soldier. He saw a lot of things during his short life. Wallace liked to fight for freedom of his country and its people. He was a real leader and people understood and respected him.

Учитель: Was this great warrior sure of the victory of his "people`s army"? 

Ученик: I think Wallace was sure, because he wanted to be free and independent from England very much. They were not afraid of the King`s army, and he and his people wanted to win.

Эпизод №4. 

Учитель: Was William Wallace really afraid of death? In what way did the national hero take his death and how did he behave at the last moment of his life? 

Ученик: To my mind, he wasn`t afraid of death, because he was a man of character. He behaved bravely. He loved his country and did everything he could for its freedom. At the last moment Wallace cried "Freedom" because it was the meaning of all his life.

Учитель: Of course, his life ended tragically, but he was a great man in the history of Britain, and for sure, people will always remember their national hero, William Wallace.

4. Закрепление и проверка уровня усвоения тематического материала в системе упражнений.

Задание №1: Find English equivalents.

- завоёвывать, завоеватель, Английская Корона, человек вне закона, шотландский трон, царствование, Папа Римский, движение сопротивления, восстать, восстание, захватить, голод, подвиг, казнить, вынуждать, разгромить, опустошать.

Задание №2: Choose the correct answer.

- What country began the fight? 
a) England; b) Wales; c) Scotland

- What town did Henry 2 make the capital of his new colony?
a) London; b) Edinburgh; c) Dublin

- What did Edward 1 do in 1284?
a) He invaded Scotland; b) He united west Wales with England; c) He became the King.

- Who was called "The Hammer of the Scots"?
a) William Wallace; b) Edward 1; c) Robert Bruce

- Who built strong stone castles in Ireland?
a) English King; b) Norman lords; c) Anglo-Irish lords

5. Заключительный.

Учитель: Well, our lesson is coming up to the end. We have discussed different facts from the British history. Of course, it is not easy, but it`s very interesting and useful.

Your hometask is to describe the events:

a) as if you were William Wallace;
b) as if you were Edward 1;
c) as if you were Wallace`s friend.

Thank you very much, good-bye! The lesson is over.

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