Цель: освоение новых знаний по теме на основе видеофрагмента и адаптированных текстов (jigsaw – reading).


Обобщить знание по теме на основе ранее изученного материала.

Научить аудированию с извлечением нужной информации.

Научить составлять монологическое высказывание, основываясь на материале прочитанного текста.

Воспитывать чувство гордости за свою страну и ее народ, основываясь на фактах о роли России в исследовании космоса.

Оснащение урока: видеофильм "Space” (Project 1), картинки, книги о космосе, иллюстрации, тексты о космонавтах, даты.


Приветствие. Good morning, students. I believe everybody is full of strength and ready to work!

I. Фонетическая зарядка. Per aspera adastra.

II. Речевая подготовка.

Today we are going to speak about space exploration. It’s well– known that about space exploration takes a lot of money. Pupils, what do you think we should explore space or not. What do you think about it? (Sstudents’ answers.)

III. Watching a videofilm.

1) Pre-watching.

Well, children people had been dreaming of travelling through space for a long time. They wrote different stories about it. Do you know any stories? What story do you like?

Pupils tell stories about:

A great storm

From Jules Verne’s novel "From the Earth to the Moon”

Well’s novel "The first man in the Moon”

Well students, and now tell me, please when people’s dream about travelling through space became true? (only in the 20th century) Would you like to learn more about exploration of space?

2) Watching video.

Now, we are going to watch a videofilm about space exploration. But first of all look at the blackboard. There are some words, they’ll help you to understand the information.

Снятие трудностей:
collect radio waves –
Vostok spaceship – 
the Soviet Union –

Ex A. Watch the first part of the film to " For centuries people dreamed about travel in space ”and tick the correct answer.

Where is Tom?
Cape Canaveral
Jodrell Bank
Andrews Airforce Base
the Science Museum/

What can you see behind him?
a space observatory
a radio transmitter
a radio telescope
a radar station/

What does it do?
controls satellites
takes photographs of the stars
sends radio signals to other planets
collects radio waves from space/

Ex B. Watch the second part of the film to " … Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon” and complete what Tom says.

For centuries people dreamed about ……..in space. On ………….1961 that dream came true. The ……………put a man into space. His name was Yuri Gagarin. In his Vostok spaceship he made …………of the Earth. Yuri Gagarin was a …………not only the Soviet Union but all over the ……………. In the 1960s many more ………..from Russia and ……..travelled into space.

The on July …….two American astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin , landed on………………And half past ………….in the morning on ………………….July, Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon.

Well done.

3) After watching.

Now, let’s see, what new information have you learnt from the film. Answer my questions:

Where is the biggest radio telescope situated in America?

Who are the most famous American astronaut?

What is Neil Armstrong famous for?

Who was the first man flew into space?

Very good!

IV. Активизация навыков чтения (jigsaw-reading)

Well students, of course you know that Y. Gagarin was the first man flew into space. And who was the first woman astronaut?

You are right. Would you like to learn more about these people? They did much for our country and people. They are the Heroes not only in the Soviet Union but all over the world We should be proud of them and learn more about their lives. Now you are going to read texts.

1) Снятие трудностей.

But first of all look at the blackboard and repeat the words after me.

Smolensk region – Смоленская область, 
Lubertsy – Люберцы,
to graduate – заканчивать,
vocational school – ПТУ,
technical secondary school – техникум,
(to) join = to became a member of aeroclub – член аэроклуба,
was awarded – был награжден,
to greet – приветствовать,
Yaroslavl region – Ярославская область,
vocational school – ПТУ,
textile factory – текстильная фабрика,
was fond of = liked (to) join = to become a member of…,
parachute jumping – прыжки с парашютом,
a member of aeroclub – член аэроклуба,
was awarded – была награждена,
to greet – приветствовать,
World Peace Counсil – Всемирный Совет Мира.

2) Чтение текстов.

Well students, now begin reading. Be attentive, I’ll give you 4 minutes.

Учащиеся читают каждый свой ntrcn. Один ученик читает текст о Юрии Гагарине, другой – о Валентине Терешковой

Time is over.

3) Работа с текстом.

Well, students! On your desks you see shits of paper with questions. Ask and answer you partner’s questions using the information from the texts. Be attentive and serious, you need this information for making up stories about the heroes of the texts .Try to tell your partner as much information as possible You may write down some necessary information . (На каждую парту учащимся даются вопросы , которые подходят к текстам о Юрии Гагарине и о Валентине Терешковой.)


Who is this text about?

When and where was he she born?

Where did he she study?

When did he she join the group of Soviet astronauts?

When did he she fly into space?

How long did he she spend in space?

What was he she awarded?

What did he she do after the flight?

I’ll you give you 5 minutes.

4) Well time is over. I’ll give you some time to create stories about a famous astronaut .Remember all facts you have heard from your partner’s story. Look at the blackboard. There you can see some dates .They can help you.

Доска: the 9-th of March 1934

the 12-th of April 1961
48 times

Now let’s listen to students’ stories.

V. Заключение.

Well, students. To my mind you’re worked hard today. Let’s recall what interesting facts about space exploration and great Russian astronauts have you learned at the lesson. I think this knowledge gives you the right to be proud of our country and Russian people.

Truly to say, Americans have also done much in space exploration.

That’s why you home task will be the following:

VII. H/A: Try to find interesting information about famous American Astronauts: Neil Armstrong and Buss Aldridge.

Thank you for the lesson. Good bye!

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