Act I.

На сцене полукругом сидят на стульях животные: обезьяна, лев, заяц, мышка, лиса, волк, лошадь, медведь, курица с 3 цыплятами и свинья.

Собака-именинница стоит в середине сцены с автором-учителем.


Today is Willy’s birthday. 
Willy’s a good and clever dog.
He has a lot of friends. 
He invited them to his house.
Let’s listen to them.

DOG: Meet my friend.


I’m a monkey. I’m funny and merry. 
I can run, jump and climb the trees.
I like to swing on the trees.

ANIMALS: Nice to meet you.

DOG: Meet my friend.


I’m a lion. I’m a big animal. 
I’m strong and brave. I’m from the cat’s family.

ANIMALS: Nice to meet you.

DOG: Meet my friend.


I’m a hare. I’m small. I’m timid and weak.
I can jump. I’m grey in spring, summer and autumn. 
I’m white in winter.

ANIMALS: Nice to meet you.


I’m a little grey mouse. 
I’m merry and curious. 
I have a nice house.


Little mouse, little mouse,
Where is your house?


I can show you my flat,
If you don’t tell the cat. 
My flat is under a big tree.

MOUSE: I can jump and run fast. I can hop.

DOG: Hop, please.


1, 2, 3 – hop, 
1, 2, 3 – stop.

ANIMALS: Nice to meet you.

DOG: Meet my friend.


I’m a fox. 
I’m pretty, clever and very cunning.
I can run and jump.

ANIMALS: Nice to meet you.

FOX: I like to play. And you?

ANIMALS: Yes, of course.

FOX: Let’s play with a ball. Tell about food.

ANIMALS: With great pleasure.

GAME "I can eat it. – I can’t eat it”.

DOG: Meet my friend.


I’m a wolf. 
I’m strong and brave. 
I am not cruel.
I can run, jump and catch small and big animals.

ANIMALS: Nice to meet you.

DOG: Meet my friend.

HORSE: I’m a horse. I’m big and strong.

WOLF: What can you do?

HORSE: I can run, jump and swim.

FOX: Have you got a family?

HORSE: Yes, I have. I’ve got a mother, a father, a brother and a sister.

(Лошадь демонстрирует семейное фото.)

SONG "How is your mother?” ("Happy English”, Г. Доля)

MONKEY: How is your mother?

HORSE: She is fine, thanks.

LION: How is your father?

HORSE: He is fine, thanks.

FOX: How is your sister?

HORSE: She is fine, thanks.

MOUSE: How is your brother?

HORSE: He is fine, thanks.

MONKEY, LION, FOX, MOUSE: And how are you?

HORSE: I am fine, too. Thank you.

DOG: Meet my friend.

BEAR: I’m a bear. I’m a big bear. I’m strong and brave.

But I’m very lazy. I can run, climb the trees and fish.

ANIMALS: Nice to meet you.

DOG: Meet my friends.

HEN: I’m a hen. This is my family.


1. We are three yellow chicks.
2. We have a kind and good mother.
3. We can run and fly a little.

Курочка с цыплятами танцуют и поют.

SONG "My chickens” ( "English-2”, И.Н. Верещагина, Т.А. Притыкина)

ANIMALS: Nice to meet you.

PIG: I’m sorry. I’m late. May I come in?

DOG: Come in, please. Meet my friend.

PIG: I’m a pig. I’m a domestic animal.

I’m fat and very pretty. I can run and eat everything.

ANIMALS: Nice to meet you.

PIG (шепотом):

Now I am very hungry.
Oh, there is so much food! 
I’d like to taste everything.

Уходит со сцены.

AUTHOR: The English like to talk about the weather.

MONKEY: When the weather is wet

LION: We must not fret.

FOX: When the weather is dry

WOLF: We must not cry.

HORSE: When the weather is cold

BEAR: We must not scold.

HEN: When the weather is warm


1. We must not storm.
2. But be thankful together
Whatever the weather.

FOX: What a nice day!

LION: What a good weather!

WOLF: Yes, the sun is shining brightly.

HARE: And the sky is blue.

MOUSE: But it’s very cold.

DOG (обращается к медведю): What is your favorite season, Bear?

BEAR: My favorite season is summer.


BEAR: Summer is a hot season. I like to swim and fish.

And what about you?

HORSE: I like spring because I like to eat fresh green grass.

CHICKS: Let’s sing the song about seasons.

SONG "Seasons” ("Английский для малышей”, И. А. Шишкова, М. Е. Вербовская)

Входит, похрюкивая, довольная свинья.

PIG: And what about me. I like all seasons.

Because my master gives me food the whole year round.

I’m sorry. I must go home. Good bye.

DOG: Please, come to the dinning-room.

Идёт вперед гостей.

Act II.

DOG (кричит): Row-row-r-r-r-r. (Плачет.)

I’m a poor dog.

Гости вбегают.

SONG "Why do you cry, Willy?” ("Happy English”, Г. Доля)

GUESTS: What’s happened?

DOG: I haven’t food for you. The pig has eaten everything. What a bad pig!

HEN: Don’t worry, Willy!

CHICKS: Don’t worry!

Курица подбегает к каждому из гостей.

HEN: What would you like to eat?

Звери говорят, что они любят есть.

Курочка убегает с цыплятами.

В это время гости начинают дарить подарки.

MONKEY: This balloon is for you.

DOG: Thank you.

LION: This soft mat is for you.

DOG: Thank you.

HARE: These flowers are for you.

DOG: Thank you.

MOUSE: This new dish is for you.

DOG: Thank you

FOX: This box is for you.

DOG: Thank you.

HORSE: This box of chocolate is for you.

DOG: Thank you.

В это время входит курочка и цыплята с подносом.

Они накрывают на стол.

BEAR: This jug with some honey is for you.

DOG: Thank you.

WOLF: This picture is for you.

DOG: Thank you.

HEN and CHICKS: This colorful ball and a sweet bone are for you.

DOG: Thank you.

DOG: Come to the table.

PIG: I’m sorry. I’m a bad friend. I’m sorry.

I’ll be a good friend.

I have a big cake for all of you.

DOG: Come in. You are welcome. I love you.

Thank you.

SONG "Happy birthday”

DOG: Thank you.

DOG (задувает свечи): I wish…

HEN: Let’s wash your hands.

SONG "The Mulberry Bush”

(Песня исполняется парами по одному куплету).

Here I go round the mulberry bush,
Mulberry bush, mulberry bush,
Here I go round the mulberry bush,
On a Sunday morning.

This is the way I wash my hands,
Wash my hands, wash my hands,
This is the way I wash my hands
On a Monday morning.

This is the way I wash my face,
Wash my face, wash my face,
This is the way I wash my face
On a Tuesday morning.

This is the way I brush my hair,
Brush my hair, brush my hair,
This is the way I brush my hair
On a Wednesday morning.

This is the way I clean my teeth,
Clean my teeth, clean my teeth,
This is the way I clean my teeth
On a Thursday morning.

This is the way I clean my room,
Clean my room, clean my room,
This is the way I clean my room
On a Friday morning.

This is the way I meet my guests,
Meet my guests, meet my guests
This is the way I meet my guests
On a Saturday morning.

DOG: Would you like some bananas? (к обезьяне)

MONKEY: Yes, please.

DOG: Have some bananas.

MONKEY: Thank you.

Собака угощает своих гостей.

Гости, в свою очередь, вежливо выражают свои просьбы.

HORSE: May I have some corn, please?

LION: Pass me some meat, please.

Собака обходит всех с напитком.

DOG: Have some juice.

Дети-животные с удовольствием подкрепляются.

DOG: Let’s play.

WOLF: Yes, let’s.

HARE: Let’s go to the park.

SONG "Let’s play”

"Let’s play hockey!” – says the bear.
"Let’s play football!” – says the hare.
"Let’s play snowballs!” – says the chick.
"Let’s make a snowman!” – says the pig.


Winter time is fine for a play.
We are happy
All the day.

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