The Objectives:

– to teach pupils to work creatively and introduce new words, expressions according to the theme, – to develop their thinking abilities and speaking in English – to be able to talk about colours.

Accessories: Interactive board, cards, pictures, crossword

I. The Org moment

Good afternoon, students!
Good afternoon, teacher!
Who is on duty today?
I'm on duty today.
Who is absent?

What date is it today?
What day is it today?
Ok, you may sit down.
Let's begin our lesson.

I,m on duty today
P1 is absent today and
the rest are present.
Today is …….
It is …….

II. Phonetic drill:

I see green, I see yellow,
I see that funny fellow,
I see white, I see black,
I see this and that, and that.
I see pink, I see brown,
I stand up and I sit down.
I see red, I see blue,
I see you and you, and you.

III. Checking up of hometask

e.g. It's nine o'clock.
It's five past nine.
It's five to nine.
It's a quarter past nine.
It's half past four.
Ex. 8, p. 62.

IV. Presentation:

1. New lexics.

2. Pronunciation of new words

3. Speaking:

Making up of the dialogue using new words.

e.g. – Have you got a cat?

– Yes, I have.

What colour is your cat?

It is  ...

V. Practice

Card #1

Answer questions:
What's your name?
How old are you?
Which class are you in?

Card# 2

Answer questions:
What colour is your hair?
What colour are your eyes?

Card# 3

Answer questions:
What colour is your T-shirt?
What colour is your dress?

Now, it is time solve the crosswords. Look at the Interactive board.

Answer questions:

VI. Giving up of the hometask

Ex. 10, p. 64

VII. Conclusion

We have finished our lesson. We have spoken about colours. You all were very active today.

Thank you for your hard work. Your marks for today's lesson are …………..

The lesson is over. Good bye.

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