Цель: развитие способностей к межкультурному общению, углубляя и расширяя знания о Великобритании и своём родном крае.


Актуализировать и систематизировать знания карты Объединённого Королевства и республики Татарстан.

Совершенствовать умения работать с большим объёмом информации.

Развить умения проводить диалог, работать в паре.

Развить культуру общения.

Воспитать толерантность, чувство уважения к правилам и нормам поведения представителей разных культур.


1. Приветствие.

Беседа с дежурным.

2. Речевая разминка.

а). Распределить слова по темам: country, city, river, mountain (работа в группе, проверка домашнего задания) .

3.Актуализация страноведческого материала

а). Викторина "How you know the UK and Tatarstan”.

4. Введение материала.

а) предтекстовое задание: введение лексики, чтение слов;
б) текстовое задание: ознакомительное чтение текстов, изучающее чтение (соотносят эмблему и страну, заполняют пробелы, используя слова в рамочке);
в) проверка: эмблемы каждой страны (коллективно, на слайде), составление текстов (взаимопроверка).

5. Закрепление материала: работа с текстами (выбор верно/неверно)

6. Заключение: Fact file of Tatarstan

7. Подведение итогов


Домашнее задание

Ход урока

– Good morning boys and girls. Sit down please. Who is on duty today?

(I am on duty today)

- What date is it today?

(today is…)

-What day is it today?


- What is the weather like today? Do you like such weather?

- What is your favourite weather? What is the weather in London (America, Russia)?

(I like sunny and warm weather. I think it is rainy and cloudy in London).

(I think it is hot in America)

- Thank you for your answers. Pupils, today we are going to talk about Great Britain and Tatarstan. We develop our knowledge about these countries, their emblems, sightseeing. In our lesson we have two teams: team 1 is for the UK and team 2 is for Tatarstan. For right answer you will get the one letter and at the end of lesson you must make the word. Let’s start.


The first task is to divide the words into 4 groups: country, city, river and mountain. It was your homework.

Cardiff, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Edinburgh, the Thames, the Severn, the Volga, Elbrus, Ben Nevis, the Ural, Russia, Kazan.You got such table





Let’s check together. You make quest ions using these geographical words.

Pupil 1: England is a country, isn’t it?

Pupil2: Yes, you are right. Is Belfast city?

Pupil3: Yes. It is. Is Kazan a river or a city?

Pupil 4: Kazan is a city etc.

Pupils use tag, alternative and Yes/No questions. (на слайде заполненная таблица). Each team gets letters (H, O)


Now we will discuss the UK and Tatarstan. Make the quiz "How you know the UK and Tatarstan” (вопросы викторины на слайде). Well done. Also you get the letters (W, T)


We have already talked about the interesting places of the UK and Tatarstan. Now it’s time to read the texts about the history of emblems. Your task is to read them, fill in the gaps with the words and match text with the emblems .

London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, symbol, rose, thistle, feet, enemy, leek, Wales, Holy, water, two-headed, people, Dzhilan

Firstly, read these words and translate them. Here the texts. The maps of the UK and Tatarstan can help you.

A. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has four historic parts: England with its capital in _____, Scotland with its capital in______, Wales with its capital in _____and Northern Ireland with its capital in______. The floral ______of England is Red____. Earlier, it decorated the arms of the House of Lancaster. The Lancastrians argued for the throne of England with the Yorkists whose arms had a white rose. The war for the throne between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists became known in the history of the country as the War of the Red and White Rose. It lasted 30 years (1455-1485). When the Lancastrians won the war, their arms of the Red Rose became the symbol of the whole England.

B. The Scottish symbol is a wild plant called the_____. At one point, the Scandinavians planned to attack a Scottish village. But since the Scots knew they were coming, they started to prepare for the war. Late at night, the Scandinavians came in their bare ___so as to not awaken the Scottish warriors in the village. But the thorns of the thistle hurt their bare feet. Their howls of pain pierced the silence and the Scots awoke to fight the_____.

C. The Welsh symbol is a vegetable called the _____(or the flower Daffodil). The patron saint of_____, David, ate only leeks and bread. In memory of this Christian saint, the leek became the symbol of Wales. Daffodils which burst into flames by the 1st of March celebrate the revered Welsh saint.

E. The Irish symbol is another wild plant called the Shamrock. This plant helped St. Patrick explain to the people of his country what the ____Trinity is. The historic colors of the parts are: England, White, Scotland, Blue, Wales, Red, Northern Ireland, Green. Sport teams of the nations wear these colours.

D. There are also legends about the symbol of Kazan. One of them says that a terrible _______winged snake lived in a large cave near the Kremlin hill. Every day it flew to Lake Kaban to drink____. The monster horrified the local_____. They called it "______” (which means "snake”). Later the snake was called Zilant and the place he lived in – the Zilantov Hill. At last Zilant was killed. The Kazan Khan ordered to make its image the symbol of the city. Later it became the official coat of arms of Kazan.

-Let’s check. The emblem of England is ….(Red Rose). What is the emblem of Wales (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Tatarstan)?

(The emblem of Wales is ….). All right. You get the letter (O, N). Look at the board, here the right answers. (Слайд с эмблемами, взаимопроверка, ответы на доске).


You have read the texts, now do the test and choose true or false.

Every team gets the test.

The UK has 4 historic parts.

The Red Rose is a symbol of Tatars.

The War of the Red and White Rose lasted 30 years.

Welsh’s symbol is the daffodil.

The local people called the monster "Dzhilan”.

He symbol of Tatarstan is thistle.

You have 5 minutes for it. Let’s check. Pupils pay attention at the blackboard. (правильные варианты). For good work you get the letters (E,M).


Last step is to create Fact File of Tatarstan. The quiz, the knowledge from geography and history lessons, the text help you. Fill in the table.





The places of interests

(На доске таблица). Let’s check and read you answers. (учащиеся читают свои варианты, после этого на слайде показан заполненный Fact File). Pupils, you have got letters. Try to make the word. (HOME TOWN). Yes, you are right.


Now you get marks and homework. Your home task is to create Fact File of your Home Town. Where you can use the pictures of the emblem and the places of interest. Thank you for good work. The lesson is over. Good bye.

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